Krogh Andersen is an artist duo consisting of Kristina Krogh (b. 1986) and Christian Andersen (b. 1983), collaborating closely since 2012. Their works are built around a certain dynamic with a graphical language and are characterized by subtle curves and deep reflections of light and shadow. These minimalistic works leave only shape and shadow visible in an effort to draw the viewer closer and create a quiet and intimate conversation. Their goal is to make works that are an invitation to observe the world through shape and surface. They both live and work just outside Copenhagen in Denmark.

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Commissioned work is created for each client by Krogh Andersen. By defining the desired vision and aesthetics, the work is a collaboration between the client and the artists, Kristina Krogh and Christian Andersen. Requests for commissioned work are taken on a case-by-case basis.

For commissions, contact the the studio at:
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Photos: Krogh Andersen