A quality artwork deserves a superior quality frame that will finish the artwork in the best possible way. My advise is to always use a professional picture framer. Therefore, I will begin with bespoke framing:

The two artworks which are pictured below are framed in bespoke wooden box frames (oak and white) and have a raised floating mount* of 3mm. I really like this way to present an artwork, with a space between the artwork and the moulding, as if it is floating within the frame. It creates a beautiful depth to the artwork.
All the frames you can see on my artworks are custom made by a framer in Copenhagen. 

Float mounting in a box frame presents the whole artwork and is used often in galleries where it is desirable to display the edges of the artwork. Frame spacers are used in the box frame to keep the artwork away from the glass. (You framer will know about this)

I believe that the frame around a work of art is the finishing touch, the element that completes and elevates an artwork, presenting it to the viewer in its best possible light. Framing, however, is an art in and of itself, and just as a good frame choice can greatly enhance the appearance of a work, a poor frame choice can drastically diminish a work. Get advice from your framer - they are more than happy to help you finding the right frame for your artwork. 


There are lots of professional picture framers to choose from, but these two are the ones I use and therefore can recommend. If you are located in Copenhagen I can recommend STELLLING in Lille Kirkestræde 3, 1072 Copenhagen K. If you are located in Aarhus I can recommend LYRUM RAMMER.


If you are looking for another and a little less expensive alternative, I can recommend the ready-made wooden frames by DESENIO or the wooden frames by CPH STUDIO. These frames have a lovely wooden surface.


If you are not sure what frame might suit your artwork please contact me.
I will happily talk you through it.

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