Stair Mirror


Image of Stair Mirror


Year: 2016
Polished stainless steel and solid brass
Dimensions: W 45 x H 45 x D 2 cm
Made in Denmark

Stair Mirror is a sculptural mirror made by polishing a piece of stainless steel to a perfect mirror finish which is placed in a hand polished brass base.

The mirror can be used in any room as a classic mirror or as a piece of art. The Stair Mirror can be mounted on the wall both horizontally, vertically or diagonally. It can also be used simply standing on the brass base on a table or a console.

Kristina Krogh’s design philosophy is to create long lasting luxury objects through solid craftsmanship with a simple and timeless sculptural expression. Her objects are based on clean geometric shapes with a simple sophistication. Her aim is to create objects that will last a lifetime, both physically and conceptually.


Image of Stair Mirror Image of Stair Mirror