Desk Organizer


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Year: 2016
Hand polished stainless steel and brass with a solid oak base.
Dimensions: W 32 x H 18 x D 8 cm
Made in Denmark

The Desk Organizer is a graphic reinterpretation of the classic letter holder from the past. The organizer consists of three different geometric shapes in polished steel and brass, which can be moved around in a solid oak base to fit your needs.

The Desk Organizer will lighten up any desk with its sculptural expression and it is ideal for sorting mail, bills, messages or your favourite cards. This object can also be used in the kitchen as an elegant napkin holder.

Kristina Krogh’s design philosophy is to create long lasting luxury objects through solid craftsmanship with a simple and timeless sculptural expression. Her objects are based on clean geometric shapes with a simple sophistication. Her aim is to create objects that will last a lifetime, both physically and conceptually.


Image of Desk Organizer Image of Desk Organizer Image of Desk Organizer