Hills · Silver Papercut (Sold out)

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Image of Hills · Silver Papercut (Sold out)

Title: Hills · Silver, 2017

Edition: Limited edition of 200
Medium: Hand cut artwork
Measurements: 35 × 52,4 cm
(fits in an A2 frame with 35 mm air around the papercut)
Authenticity: Cut, signed & numbered by the artist
Frame: Sold unframed


This is a hand cut artwork created by Kristina Krogh from a sheet of thick silver paper. The silver paper has a mirror effect, which means that the artwork reflects the light and its surroundings.


This hand cut artwork fits perfectly in a frame (A2 size) by the Danish design company Moebe. The artwork is made in a slightly smaller size than the frame, which gives 35mm air around the artwork. This minimalistic frame creates a light and airy expression because you get to see the color of your wall behind the artwork and frame. The frame consists of two pieces of acrylic glass, four lists made of either oak or aluminium (black or white) and a rubber band. The rubber band both holds the frame together and serves for hanging the frame on your wall. Find their list of stockists on their website here: www.moebe.dk

The artwork is sold unframed. It is carefully packed in silk paper and shipped flat in a thick bespoke cardboard envelope to avoid damage during shipping.


This hand cut artwork is only available for purchase in this shop.


Image of Hills · Silver Papercut (Sold out)