Brass Ornaments (Sold out)

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Objects: Brass Ornaments

Materials: Etched sheet brass
Dimensions: 6 × 8 cm (× 3 pieces)
Design by Kristina Krogh, 2016
Hand made in Denmark


Graphic ornaments formed from 0.5 cm etched sheet brass neatly packed in groups of three with three dark green silk threads.
The nature of the material may develop a slight patina over time - and the material will begin to tell its own story along with the passage of time and memories.


Kristina Krogh’s design philosophy is to create long lasting objects through solid craftsmanship with a simple and timeless sculptural expression. Her objects are based on clean geometric shapes with a simple sophistication. Her aim is to create objects that will last a lifetime, both physically and conceptually.


Image of Brass Ornaments (Sold out) Image of Brass Ornaments (Sold out) Image of Brass Ornaments (Sold out)