Candle Holder & Vase


Image of Candle Holder & Vase

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Object: Candle holder & Vase
Materials: Hand polished stainless steel & brass
Dimensions: Ø 10 × H 30 cm
Design by Kristina Krogh (Year: 2017)
Hand made in Denmark

This candle holder will lighten up any room with its sculptural expression. The candle holder consists of geometric shapes in solid hand polished steel and brass that balance on top of each other. This object can also be used as a small vase for single flowers.

Kristina Krogh’s design philosophy is to create long lasting objects through solid craftsmanship with a simple and timeless sculptural expression. Her objects are based on clean geometric shapes with a simple sophistication. Her aim is to create objects that will last a lifetime, both physically and conceptually.


Image of Candle Holder & Vase Image of Candle Holder & Vase